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if u had a time machine, how quickly would you put h.p. lovecraft into a headlock and start delivering body blows, repeatedly telling him in a mocking voice “stop hitting yourself”




wicca needs to be soooo much more criticized than it is, considering the founder is literally a transmisogynist

i’m obviously not anti-witchcraft considering that i’m a witch but i urge my wiccan followers to think about whether they want to be part of a religion/practice that supports this or not. there are many different practices that incorporate wiccan ideals without falling under the shady umbrella of “wicca”

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that pl*bcomics thing makes it sound like fat people and woc and nonbinary people are actually the norm in cartoons today when really……„„

look if you wanna keep drawing and animating the same thing that’s been on tv all the time since forever and call it “original” i’m gonna laugh at you


5am twitter comic

Every time i see that “social intelligence test” it brings back memories from this day thing for autistic kids i went to and all we did was look at faces and learned idioms that’s basically all we did


"Two roads diverged in a yellow wood …"